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Reiki Certification offered in NJ.

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Reiki is an ancient method of natural healing that brings a greater flow of positive energy into one’s life.  This holistic method of “hands-on” healing is a pure and gentle way of receiving physical, mental and emotional balance.  Reiki brings feelings of deep relaxation, serenity and relief from pain on all levels and supports any health care program and other forms of treatment.

We also offer Reiki Training and Certification:


Please call for upcoming class dates.

$150 in advance; $175 at the door

Learn the history of Reiki and step-by-step instructions on how to offer a Reiki treatment. Upon completion you will be a Certified Reiki Practitioner and may begin to give the gift of your healing touch.

Testimonials for Reiki:

  1. Learning the self care treatment is invaluable for me. Already I feel less tension in my throat, face and shoulders. Taking the class a second time gave me a lot of confidence to practice on others as well. What a beautiful way to connect with The Divine!                      ~Lynn
  2. Understanding the gift of Energy and being able to share that gift with others is peaceful and empowering.        ~Liz
  3. A door was opened to greater consciousness and self acceptance. This was one step in the process of discovering a sense of safety and calm, which I can extend to others. Reiki is an act of Love of the Highest Order.                   ~Peter

Please call for upcoming course dates.
All Reiki Students Welcome to this Experiential Workshop to bring you deeper into your Healing Practice. You will learn and experience:
*Yoga Asanas - Poses that help to purify the Energy Centers (Chakras)  *Pranayama - A special breath to cleanse and purify the body *Bija Sounds -  Seed sounds to purify each of the main Chakras and bring focus.

We will offer a Reiki Healing at the end of this advanced level class.




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